10 songs from Pakistan that need new music videos

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10 songs from Pakistan that need to be relaunched with their own new music videos

Let's face it, Pakistani music is awesome and if you were born in the 80's or 90's you've grown up watching some amazing songs go big on PTV and STN.

Note: Some of these songs are also part of my write up on 90's defining songs of Pakistan - give that a read as well.

Here's my selection of the top 10 songs from the 80's, 90's and 2000's that were amazing hits and I would love to see them again on TV but with each one of them having a fresh new video to them! 

10. Disco Dewane - Nazia and Zohaib (1981)

This was one of the biggest exports of Pakistani music at the time and was also hailed as a fresh change in the way people considered the approach to music within the sub-continent. The song was also part of the Lollywood film "Sangdil" starring Barbara Sherif and Nadeem. Overtime, there were other versions made of the song, the most recent one being done for Student of the Year (2012) 

The original song is still as fresh today as it was on its release back in 1981 and I think it should therefore make the cut for a new video shoot!

09. Babia - Sajjad Ali (1993)

Up front, I'll agree the song was a "tribute to" (or let's say was inspired by) the original song Didi by Cheb Khaled released two years earlier in 1991. However, that doesn't change the fact that it was a huge hit in Pakistan! 

I had the chance of meeting Sajjad Ali back in 2011 with a couple of friends and one of my friends referred to the song as the "song where you're (Sajjad Ali) dancing in joggers" and everyone knew the reference. The song was hip, upbeat and something you could definitely dance to. Sajjad Ali was able to resonate with a younger audience thanks to the album Babia 93! I think it's time we saw some new sneakers dancing to this song, what do you think? 

08. Mr. Fraudiay - Awaz (1996)

As one of the most epic videos ever developed in the pop music history of Pakistan, Mr. Faudiay has to be at the top or at least close to that. So, if that is the case, why do I suggest that we need to make a new video for this song - well for the simple reason that the message is still apt for the corrupt leaders of today and updating the notorious Mr. Fraudiay in a more political setting can add new meaning and dimension to the video. 

07. Hai Jazba Junoon - Junoon (1996)

Let's face it, us Pakistanis had our hearts broken when we lost the quarter finals against India, in the Cricket World Cup 1996, but perhaps the only thing that got us through those days was this amazing song of hope and courage by Junoon! You can still hear that song being played at matches around the world and keeps you motivated! The best thing about the song was that it wasn't trying to be pompous by saying we'll beat everyone but but that we'd give it our best shot! I think we need that kind of spirit again today and hence this song needs a revitalized video to be made!

(Note: I'm not sure if the below is the actual video during the world cup - but this was the closest I could find

06. Billo De Ghar - Abrar Ul Haq (1995)

From Teaching to philanthropy and from politics to being a huge pop and folk icon of the music industry in Pakistan, Abrar has done it all! You could be from any part of Pakistan, but truth be told, you also wanted to know how to get to Billo's house and if Abrar even found his way to it or not?

05. Patang Baaz Sajna (Bo Kaata) - Fariha Pervez (1996)

Fariha Pervez always had a great voice and she was popular as a co-host on the children's show "Aangan Aangan Tary" and appeared a couple of times on "Ainak wala Jin" - but her shot to stardom came from the launch of her single Patang Baaz Sajna from her debut album Nice & Naughty

In days when basant was a relevant thing in Lahore (and most of Punjab) - this song was being blasted from the roof tops of every house and apartment building. Despite no more basant celebrations, I think this song has potential to be revamped with a new video!

04. Aadat - Jal (2002)

This was the song that launched the careers of not just Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz but later also Farhan Saeed (who did his own rendition of the song, when he was asked by Gohar to replace Atif as the lead vocalist for the band Jal).

I would also add that this is perhaps the first song to go viral in Pakistan not through mainstream media but via the internet. The song was a hit way before the video was released, with the younger generation already having heard the song in underground concerts across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Almost three years after the song itself had become a hit and the original members had broken up, the video was launched to a lukewarm response, not because of the song, but because of the video itself. The song may have died in popularity now but I believe such an iconic song deserves a better video then what we were offered. 

03. Jaago - Jazba (1992)

A true definition of a one-hit wonder band would be Jazba. They came with a song that shook the viewers and the imagery within the video was distressing and at times scary, mostly because it was real. You could watch that video today and still relate to it, perhaps more now then before! The song Jaago was released as a single first and the band came out with a self titled album later in 1996

02. Purani Jeans aur Guitar - Ali Haider (1993)

This was a song that became and an instant hit with the youth when it was launched. It summed up growing up in Pakistan and the different events we, as the Generation X and Generation Y would go through or would have already gone through. I know for a fact that it even made my mom and dad smile, so it must have connected with them as well. Every live show on PTV or STN that could get Ali Haider in the studios, made sure that they made him sing the song to the live audience, who obviously sang along!

01. Dil Dil Pakistan - Vital Signs (1989)

Be honest, you started singing the name of the song instead of just reading it right? In my humble opinion, this is perhaps the biggest song in the history of music in Pakistan! 

The late and respected Junaid Jamshed along with the members of the original Vital Signs band recorded this song a little before 1989, when it was officially part of their first album called Vital Signs 1. 

The band gave to the nation an anthem of hope and unity. There wasn't a talent show within the country or abroad that didn't have this song blasting away. It's as iconic as the band themselves who were probably the pioneers of boy bands in Pakistan. This song deserves to have a new video made of it, just out sheer emotional value alone!

Honorary mentions

Pehlay to kabhi kabhi gham tha - Rahim Shah (1999)
Mera Pyar - Amir Zaki (1995)
Dekha na tha - Alamgir (1989)
Dil mein tum - Bunny (1991)

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