7 Things we tell ourselves in our thirties

I will confess - I am guilt of point number 7!

1. “I can have a six pack in no time, if I wanted to”

I’ve been telling myself that since I was in my twenties. If you really want to make it happen, than do it first and talk about it later.

2. “I’ll fix it tomorrow”

This is a phenomenon most commonly observed in the married thirty something male. If procrastination was a person, the 30year old male would be his best buddy, only problem would be that we’d both be too lazy to connect with one another. 

3. “I’m too old for this”

Entering the thirties, we either thing we’re too young or too old – fact of the matter is being old is a state of mind and by the time you’re in your mid-thirties, some of us feel we’ve done it all and seen everything. That’s probably the worst state to be in. Find a hobby, get a pet or best yet get married and have a family, whatever you decide just make sure you’re not old until you’re actually old! And let’s face it, only Danny Glover should be the one to complain about getting old, even if he was in his thirties.

4. “I’ll just stay up late to finish the project”

Hmm, didn’t happen in our college days, won’t happen in our mid 30 days! If you have kids, your late night starts at 9:30pm and not the usual after midnight. 

5. “Of course I can party with the 20 year olds”

NO! We can't! Do you even hear yourself when you say stuff like that? Think back to when you actually were 20, the days and nights were a blur and going out or hanging out with friends started after 10pm. In your thirties, you’re wondering if you’ll be home by 10 so you can iron your shirt and go to bed early and have a fresh start in the morning.

6. “When I get married I’ll be the King of my castle”

Hahahaha. I love your sense of humor. 

7. “I could still pass off as a college student”

Shahrukh Khan couldn’t do it in “Main hoon na?” – OK so maybe he could, but that’s just the movies, in real life things are quite different!

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