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I'm Muslim, may I help you?

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Settling down in a new place can always be a daunting task, but it gets harder when you don’t know the language or the people. It’s not easy to start from scratch.
Just recently, my wife, my 2year daughter and I moved to Germany as part of my job. The first thing most of us do, after landing and getting some rest is grocery shopping.
Once a very simple and routine task for us turned into a technology assisted event that involved Goggle translate and Google images to communicate with the people around us.
The spices were the toughest to manage on our own because most of them were in boxes and had images that looked nothing like the spices inside or the one’s we were used to and everything was written in German but we managed with the help of technology.
However, the real task of grocery shopping was still ahead… finding halal food. It’s not just about the properly sacrificed chicken and meat. At the end of the day, if you’re really one to be concerned about eating halal, you have to be careful of the gelatin products and preservatives as well. This is where it gets interesting for us.
My wife and I were searching for strawberry jam and trying to read the German labels but were failing miserably and almost lost hope that we’d be able to select the right brand, until my wife noticed a young lady with a Hijab close by. The lady spoke English relatively well and was also fluent in German. We asked her if she knew of any halal strawberry jam. She immediately smiled and came over to assist us. That was a simple thing you can expect from anyone, nothing surprising about it, but what she did next was not something I expect every other person to do for a stranger.
She not only helped us with the strawberry jam, but made an effort to help us understand the brands that we should buy in terms of quality and not just based on them being halal. She went around the store with us telling us what the translation on every pack was, she helped us to pick up the right kind of canned vegetables, the best quality flour, sugar, baby food, you name it and she was there to offer help. With every product she was also explaining the language used on them.
This lady, who we had never met before in our lives, saw that we were lost and offered to help us above and beyond our request. At one point we thought we were done and we thanked her continuously for all her help and a couple of minutes later she came back with another item of food that my wife had enquired about but we couldn’t find at the time. She smiled and said embarrassingly “I’m sorry but I just want to try and help you as much as I can that’s what we need to do for one another (as Muslims)”.
Here we were thinking that we were alone in this country and suddenly another Muslim is there to help us out. Before her, we were asking shoppers to help us translate the labels, but all the previous people simply translated what we asked and moved on, none of them thought that we would need more help.
However, this woman, made an effort… was she just a good human being or was it the feeling of helping another Muslim out?

I’d like to believe that it was her faith that made her feel the need to help us out more than we had initially requested. I’d like to believe that there are more such Muslims out there than the ones portrayed on every news channel. I’d like to believe that if given the chance, I would do the same for another person, whether he’s Muslim or not because my faith teaches me to be kind and helpful. I’d like to believe that this is the real example of Muslims that should be portrayed more and more on media.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

90’s defining Songs of Pakistan

Growing up in Pakistan during the 90s was amazing. That was the time when media was opening up and it gave us an opportunity to see the talent that was available in Pakistan.
It probably started with Shalimar Television Network (STN) and their popular Music Channel Charts. I can still remember my brother and I waiting for MCC to come on. We didn’t mind listening to the same songs week after week, as long as they were played.
What I have here is a list of songs that I personally feel defined the 90s for us growing up.

Number 11: Hadiqa Kiani – Boohey Barian (
I won’t lie and say I wasn’t fascinated by Hadiqa Kiani. Truth be told, she was probably the most amazing female vocalist I had grown up listening to after Nazia Hassan.
From the album Rooshni released in 1999, Boohey Barain was Hadiqa’s first Punjabi number that became a smash hit. Hadiqa is known for trying out different languages in her songs and this one really worked. She resonated with people across Pakistan and the melody was so catchy and simple that you couldn’t help but hum along.
Number 10: Awaz – Jado Ka Charagh (
You would have thought that after Vital Signs and Junoon you really didn’t need another Pop/Rock Band, but apparently Haroon, Faakhir and Asad had other plans.
Now I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of theirs but I think Jado Ka Charagh has to be in the top ten. It was one of the few videos during those days that had a storyline to it and frankly the only one I remember that had a product placement in the form of a Pepsi Can. The choice was between this song and “Mr. Fraudiye” ( and the popularity of JKC had to be considered.
Number 09: Fakhr-e-Alam  –Bhangra Pao  (
Let’s face it, we were all mesmerized by the likes of Michael Jackson growing up and most of us also loved the popular culture of the west. Then suddenly a kid comes along on Pakistani television in a shredded jeans, a bandana holding a basketball but lo and behold he starts singing in Urdu and does a decent job at a moon walk! It was really a first for all of us back then and the tune was decent and the styling was incredibly awesome! For the thought alone of mixing East with West in that fashion, Fakhr-e-Alam grabs a place on the top ten list.
Number 08: Fariha Parvez – Dil Howa Boo Kata (
There were only two things that defined Lahore during winters back in the 90s – one was tea and pakoras during the cold weather and then basant during February. There wasn’t a single basant that I remember that didn’t have this song at full volume played on every roof top for as far as the ears could hear!
Fariha Parvez started off doing that musical show for kids on PTV and suddenly became a household name with this amazing track. The video was simple but her acting was something out of the movies and the song was an instant hit with every age group!
Number 07: Fringe Benefits – Tanhaye (
You want to talk about one hit wonders then nothing takes the cake but Fringe Benefits with their song Tanhaye! The video was interesting to say the least and the song was hummable with simple lyrics.
The band was made up of Ali and Shehryar and although they had a couple of other songs namely “Yeh Zindagi” and a peace athem “Pyar diya gallan” with Arid Zone and Fakhr-e-Alam, their real claim to stardom was Tanhaye. Unfortunately, the two boys had to live their lives and never really made music their career. There were roamers that they were planning a comeback in 2010 but apparently I didn’t see anything so I can’t really comment on that.
Number 06: Abrar-ul-Haq – Billo (
The two things Abrar has in common with Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits is that both at one stage were teachers (Abrar taught at Aitcheson school in Lahore) and that both were super-hit musicians of their times.
Billo De Ghar was a pure Punjabi track that shattered through the economic divide of Pakistan and had everyone singing the tune. There wasn’t a single wedding, bonfire, get together or even a car out there in the 90s that didn’t have this song playing at full volume!
Number 05: Sajjad Ali – Babia (
OK so you can’t define the 90s without talking about Sajjad Ali and his Babia. This song defined Sajjad Ali as THE most versatile artist in Pakistan. He was already a household name with the elder generation due to his classical sing skills. His first album was released in 1979 and as A.R. Rehman puts it “Sajjad Ali is original crossover: From the realm of the classical into one of the brightest lights of Pakistani pop”
Honestly speaking the entire album Babia 93 – was a hit. From Babia to Bolo bolo, then there was Chal Uddja, Neeli Neeli and Kuch Larkiyan… I honestly had to buy the album twice because it was played so many times.
Number 04: Strings – Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar (
Strings during the 90s seemed to most as a one hit wonder band with their song Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar, but it wasn’t long when they came back strong with their album Duur in the early 2000’s. However, their ever green classic will always be this track that was released in 1992 and was written by Bilal Maqsood himself while the rest of the songs on that album were written by his legend of a father Anwar Maqsood.
Number 03: Ali Haider – Purani Jeans Aur Guitar (
I know most of you are already humming this tune in your heads. If there was a poll taken on the most nostalgic song from our pop industry, I know for a fact that PJAG would be up there! The day the video came out, it was the only thing people could talk about and sing. This is one of those songs that even our parents ended up listening to and sung along to. It captured a piece of everyone’s life and if it didn’t then people wanted to have a life that resembled the lyrics of this song in some way.
Number 02: Junoon – Jazba-e-Junoon (
Junoon came along in 1990 and although they had some amazing songs from their first two albums, it wasn’t until 1996, when they released Inquilaab that we were introduced to JeJ. The song was huge hit and became the signature track for the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Whenever you wanted to get a boost in your spirits, this was the song to be played.
Even to this day, you’ll hear Junoonis and rock enthusiasts’ talk about this song as the defining moment of rock culture in Pakistan. I was always a huge Junoon fan and after JeJ, I saw a lot more people come on to the rock side of Pakistani music scene.
Number 01: Vital Signs – Dil Dil Pakistan (
This is the only song in the list that wasn’t released in the 90s but rather a year before the decade began. Nevertheless, growing up in Pakistan during the 90s, this song had a huge impact on each and everyone there. Now as much as I would like to put a Junoon song at number 1, truth be told, it cannot happen when you have DDP in the consideration set.
When kids start confusing a song for their national anthem you know it’s a huge hit! In fact in 2003, the BBC World Service conducted an international poll for the top ten songs of all time and ranked DDP at number 3! [i]
So there you have it everyone, the top 11 songs that defined the 90s for me at least growing up in Pakistan. There were definitely a lot of songs to be considered for this list and I honestly took the first one that popped up into my head, based on Top of Mind recall.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Journey One Year On

On the 1st of December 2011, three lives changed forever. My wife and I were blessed with a bundle of joy, our princess Inaya.

I can still remember the first time I held her in my arms and how she braced my finger, the bond between a father and daughter was forever formed at that moment.
I can’t seem to thank Allah enough for the Blessing that He’s bestowed upon us.
The year was filled with diaper changes, lullabies, nursery rhymes and clowning around for a smile that always made it worthwhile. It’s been precious and heartwarming. 
From her aqiqa to her ear piercing, her first crawl to her first steps, life has passed by way too fast and all we have are the memories and a prayer to Allah that more such amazing moments come up in life.
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the joy that Inaya’s brought to our lives. She’s been a source of calm and comfort to both me and my wife. Every day has been a new adventure with her and this is what makes it so much more interesting.
I love waking up in the morning just before my daughter and having the opportunity to wake her up as well. She's one of the most content babies I've ever seen. She'll always wake up with a smile on her face (once the sleep wears off). Never have I seen her wake up with a cry. It’s as if she embraces each new day with a sense of optimism and wonder for things to come. She’d be doing the same things day in and day out but every time it seems like she’s enjoying it for the first time.

She loves going to the kitchen to make sure her mother is still around. Once she’s confirmed that, she finds the potato basket and takes out one, two and sometimes three at a time and places them around the home, which for some reason gives her immense gratification and I will never understand why.
There have been days when I’ve come home from the office extremely exhausted from work, thinking that all I’ll do is hit the sack immediately, but as I open the door and greet my wife and daughter, I hear Inaya making a sound of sheer excitement that cannot be described in words. My daughter waits the entire day for me to come home. No matter where she is in the house, she’ll make her way to the main door and give me a big hug. That feeling is something I will never want to forget.

I love spending the weekends with her and just watching her roam around the home talking to herself and picking up random things from one room and bring them to me as if I had asked for them.
She doesn’t like playing with dolls, which is quite surprising and frankly a good saving for me. However, oddly enough the things that she likes playing with are wires, ear phones and my old XBOX controller! Oh and she doesn’t like cartoons on TV, no sir, she has to watch football or cricket! I don’t think I even watch cricket or football with such passion like she does at such a tender age.
She’ll sit with me for hours while I play FIFA and at times she walks up to the TV as if to point to my team and starts speaking, probably trying to tell me what tactic to use so that I don’t suck as bad as I normally do.

The day Inaya learned to walk was the day I realized I would have to let her experience things a lot more on her own. The falling down, the crying, the consolation from her father and a helping hand from her mother would give her the confidence to always get up and try again. I don't want her to ever quit on something she believes in and has started.
I want my daughter to be able to grow up knowing that we were always there for her but she also had the opportunity to live life the way she chose to, knowing full well that we would have planted the right seeds to make her into a pious person and letting her make the choices at the end of the day. 
Perhaps like every parent, I too want to live through her success and see her achieve so much in life. I can't seem to find the words to express my deepest affection for our child. Seeing her explore the smallest of things around her and smiling, just makes me the happiest man in the world.
I hope and pray that Allah makes her strong, humble, caring and most of all submissive to His Will. She’s given energy to two old souls. May my daughter always see success in her life and be a source of happiness for all around her.

Happy birthday my little princess,  

Mama and Papa

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Would the real Adeel Ansari please stand up?

By Adeel Ansari (@Adeel_Ansari)

There are close to 7billion people in the world,  I’m sure like me, most of you have tried to google your name and realized that there are so many out there just like you (at least in terms of a name), but how many have you had the opportunity to peak into the lives of these people without really trying to?
My name is Adeel Ansari and as luck would have it, there are at least four other Adeel Ansari’s out there that I am currently aware of.  
First of how did I even come to the conclusion that there are five of us in total out there? Simple… emails to my inbox.
I’ve realized that I may be the eldest of the total FIVE Adeel Ansaris out there or at least the one with the first opportunity to try my luck at hotmail and gmail. I presume this because apparently I was able to get both a hotmail account and a gmail account that was purely my name without the need for numbers of weird combinations and because of that very fact, the others have had to resort to some other email addresses but unfortunately for them, some of their emails have somehow or the other ended in my inbox, which has given me the assurance that there are five of us out there. Surprisingly enough, none of us live in the same place (except for a brief period where I shared Karachi with another Adeel Ansari) – so let’s start from there

Adeel Ansari – Pakistan wala
This namesake of mine is a software engineer by profession and is an active internet buff. He writes blogs mostly related to his field of interest and on occasion uses his twitter handle to share his opinions. I was first introduced to this gentleman when I tried to get a twitter handle for myself (one area where I realized I was late in joining the online party and hence realized my desired username @adeelansari was taken). I also received an email some time back by some random customer (I’m assuming) who wanted to get in touch with this Adeel Ansari to enquire about their IT firm.

Adeel Ansari – Malaysia wala
At first I thought that this would be one of the Adeel Ansari’s I’ve already heard about but then I realized that this gentleman’s profile is slightly different. Although also into IT and Software Engineering, this namesake has been in Malaysia now for over six years. He has a very impressive resume and from the looks of it, he’s doing quite well. I came across this Adeel Ansari, when I started receiving emails from internet/cable service provider in Malaysia. Apparently Mr. Adeel Malaysia wala has changed his tv/cable/internet package and has given my email address by mistake, which has resulted in me receiving updates on their password changes, their subscriptions on PPV Movies (which were actually very decent action movie choices). Hopefully the matter has now been resolved since I do not receive any password change requests anymore, but I do receive newsletters from his service provider which is quite a pain.

Adeel Ansari – USA wala
This Adeel Ansari has been the most interesting for me, not because of himself particular but more because of his immediate family and friends who refused to believe for the longest of time that I was not the Adeel Ansari they were looking for. They would be marking me on family pictures and sharing them with zeal. I just didn’t know what to do to try and get out of the mailing list. I finally had to send one sweet old lady from this person’s family my picture to convince her I wasn’t the Adeel Ansari they were trying to get in touch with. I do believe that this particular Adeel resides in the State of Texas and his kids go to a Muslim school. I know this because the school regularly sends me parent-teacher reminders, curriculum updates and holiday notices for national and local holidays. I also know that he’s an Engineer looking for work and that some of his interviews have been forwarded to me by mistake. I do hope he’s found a job.

Adeel Ansari – Canada wala
This encounter occurred in directly as well and by way of gmail this time round. Apparently Mr. Adeel Ansari Canada wala helps MBA students find housing and lodging for their studies in Canada. I received an email from one Michelle Scott a couple of days ago letting me that some kid will definitely be making it into the MBA program and that she needed Adeel Ansari’s help in order to arrange for boarding and lodging for that gentleman. So far it seems that the correct Adeel has not been traced by her but I’m sure in a couple of days they’ll be able to get in touch.

Although I’ve never met any of my namesakes, these indirect interactions have made me want to meet up with them somehow, somewhere – perhaps share bits about our lives, talk about how we all got these names, whether we are related in anyway, but for now, I wish them the best in their lives and hope that whatever they do, they do for the betterment of those around them. 

Best Wishes from
Adeel Ansari - UAE Wala

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fact: Men Irritate Women!

Fact: Men irritate women!
By Adeel Ansari (@Adeel_Ansari)

There comes a time in every man’s life when he irritates the hell out of women and honestly we know it, we just act like we don't. Growing up, I remember teasing the girl I liked the most in school only to get her to notice me. So perhaps it’s continued to be part of our DNA as we’ve grown up.
Having been married now for sometime, I’ve been able to pin point a few areas where we, men, have mastered the art of irritation.


1. The Toilet Seat Conundrum
We don’t know why we do this but we do, no matter how many times you tell us to put the toilet seat down, we will leave it up. I guess your constant nagging gives us the satisfaction that we’ve been able to get under your skin… so by that logic if you stop to get irritated by it, we may just put it down one day. Think about that.

2. The dichotomy of the long life Pajamas
I don’t understand why women want us to change our pajamas every second day, even when they don’t smell foul (and you hate it when we check it for bad odor).
I say if it doesn’t stink, it’s not dead and doesn’t need to be changed. So why not leave us be with our pajamas that don’t require washing for 2weeks. Think of it this way, we’re saving on water, time and effort. In that sense, we’re helping you save your time. We choose to wear pajamas for two weeks because we love you.

3. The tooth brushing on holidays Juxtaposition
It’s my day off and I want to be lazy. At least I gurgle and use a mouthwash (sometimes) then why all the fuss?! By definition, us men were born to live as bums only so that you women have a project to work on for the rest of your lives. If we were perfect who would you nag?

4. Short version syndrome
Woman even if you were a bestselling author I would still want to hear the summary of your day and not a minute by minute account. I read somewhere that women on average speak 8000 words a day while men only speak about 3000, it’s probably because you don’t let us talk.

5. The weekend “what to do” paradox
So I spend close to 50hrs a week working and on the weekend I need to have my time with the boys to relax. But somehow you women are always thinking “what do WE do over the weekend” as a couple while us men are thinking “what do I do over the weekend” with the boys. Granted we can be selfish but then again you get your time with the girls during the week don’t you, so when do I get my time with the boys?

6. The quick shopping fixation
Send men/boys into a gadget store and we’ll spend hours, but we’ll be playing with the products NOT taking time thinking of what to get. Men have been programmed to take quick decisions and we pride ourselves in that. We cannot and will not be able to spend hours with you in a mall, looking at clothes you want to buy, jewelry you wished we had bought you or the furniture that would make our home stand out. If you want to buy something please know what it is before you enter the store. It helps if you follow the list you’ve made before leaving the home, which you tend to forget when in the store.

7. The baby’s sick complex of men
When women are sick, they take it quite well. They’re able to manage their sickness in a profound fashion and get back on their feet really quickly. However when we get sick, it’s like the end of the world for us, doesn’t matter if it’s a cold or a car crash, our response is always going to be a brush with death that requires extra care sprinkled with a dose of over dramatization. Nevertheless, it gets us the attention we so crave.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Calling all girls – PICK UP YOUR PHONE

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If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably agree that phones and women just don’t go together. Sure they have their iPhones, Blackberrys, Nokia E7, etc. They’re even connected to Facebook and Twitter on the go, but when it comes to picking up the phone when you need to talk to them, they are incognito, untraceable and frankly off the radar. Most of the times, they won’t call you back or even text you to let you know they’re ok, but when they have to complain to you, they will
Having been married for over five years now, I’ve probably heard all the reasons for not being able to pick up the phone. Some of them are listed below for your amusement and feedback. Of course there are many more reasons out there and I would appreciate input from the rest of my BOYS to add value to this conversation that has plagued mankind for years.

Disclaimer: I’d like to point out that my wife has seen mass improvement in her phone attendance over the years and hence nobody can say this is a direct attack from me on her. Now… enjoy.

1. I was in the other room
Ok perhaps the most sensible of all reasons, but honey we do not live in a castle. It’s a one bed apartment slightly bigger than a bird cage. Does it really take you that long to get to your phone?

2. The battery was dying
Yes sweetie the battery tends to die, that is why the phone gives out an irritating sound near the end of its life – it’s literally crying out like a shrieking little baby to be fed.
Remember the Nokia phone we recommended you get that has 7days of battery life but you wanted to go for the Oh-so-amazing-iPhone-that-requires-charging-after-every-12hrs, you see why we made that offer now?

3. I was busy watching Hum Safar
I don’t even want to dignify that with an answer! But just to let you know, that time you were busy watching Hum Safar and I called you, I was about to buy you a big-fat diamond solitaire ring… but that urge to spend on you has suddenly past.
Still enjoying Hum Safar now? 

4. I didn’t feel like picking up the phone
I don’t feel like going to the office every day but I do. And I do this so you can stay at home, watch your Hum Safar drama, while I pay the bills and at the end of the day all I expect is for you to do is pick up that little gadget you begged me to get you referred to as a cellular/cell phone/ mobile/ my-constant-state-of-misery-in-trying-to-get-in-touch-with-you

5. I didn’t hear it ring
Seriously?! So let me get this straight, you can hear our neighbor whisper something about your cooking or dressing from the other side of the house but you couldn’t hear the phone ring from your bag? Even with the vibration setting on ‘Holy-Crap-It’s-An-Earthquake’?!

6. I didn’t have enough credit to call you back
Of course you wouldn’t, why would you have enough money for that, after all the money was rightly spent on the clothes you need for every occasion because the previous ones disintegrate after you wear them once like the message in every mission impossible movie. Then of course there is the home decoration we didn't need, the cosmetics that will not be used and last but not the least all the shoes that stack up higher than Jack’s beanstalk. Now with all that necessary spending, how can I expect you to pay your phone bill? My bad.

7. I was on another line
Knowing that a bitching session between female friends normally lasts for three hours, I think I’ll call back when the emergency I was having is over.

There are so many reasons, I wish I could post them all here, but you know what surprises me the most – no matter how much you hate your cell phones, when it comes to letting out all that anger you have against us, you’re able to use the SMS (short messaging service) as a LMS (lecture messaging service) - you’re able to text the crap out of the phone.

I’ve literally received a snubbing from my wife that was 8-SMS’ long!

Needless to say, I can expect a text this long again.

Disclaimer – yet again: I’d like to point out that my wife has seen mass improvement in her phone attendance over the years and hence nobody can say this is a direct attack from me on her.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

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Recently I got to read about a young girl – Arfa Karim, who was talented beyond her age, someone that we as a nation should have been proud to call our own. In 2005 she received numerous awards for being the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world. However, on the 14th of January 2012, our very own Small Wonder, past away in CMH after weeks of treatment.
The sad part to all of this is how the government wasn’t able to provide any support to the family in terms of treatment. Besides the treatment, what did the government do since 2005 to try and foster the genius of this child, did they put her in a special advanced program, did they offer her opportunities to further her skills, perhaps making it possible for her to spread her ideas and develop more geniuses such as herself? So far to my knowledge, they did nothing!
This got me thinking, we have so many more gifted people in our country and yet we hardly hear anything about them. The media shows one interesting story about these people and then goes back to how our country is going to the dogs (no pun intended).
Unlike what our own media shows, we’re not a bunch of terrorists or idiots begging for America to love us and show us their mercy – that’s just our government. The nation on the other hand is a bunch of highly gifted individuals with the potential to do great things, inspire others and perhaps be the future think tanks of the world. Here are some examples of individuals from Pakistan that I was able to come up with in a matter of 20mins on Google.
1.    Ali Nawazish – took 23 subjects in his A’levels and scored 21A’s, 1B and a C. He didn’t require any tuition, just a lot of hard work and a lot of energy drinks. He’s currently enrolled to study in Cambridge University.
2.      Pakistan’s First Fuel Efficient Car – Made by 12 PAKISTANI students from NED the car is able to do 80km in a single liter. The last report on these individuals indicated that they were trying to secure sponsorship to take their car for a world competition back in 2010, whatever happened to them, is still unknown. I’m sure we can use such cars in Pakistan nowadays, but unfortunately I’m sure no one from the government has tried to make this project into a reality.
3.      Solar Powered Car by Pakistani Students – Although the video on this project is doubtful on credibility, but I do remember reading something online for a similar car. Just goes to show we have the intelligence to make such inventions, but what lacks is the exposure to the creators and business opportunities and investors. The government should provide investment opportunities to such deserving inventors. Something on the lines of the Export Promotion Bureau, which was set up to promote our industries should be set up for the identification of investors and venture capitalists.
4.       Car + Power Generator – A Pakistani Invention  - Necessity is truly the mother of all inventions and we in Pakistan therefore have a lot of great inventors. A generator that can power your house is also used to run a car. The person who made this invention isn’t even college educated. Speaks wonders for our people and yet no one from the government cares.
5.     Moin Khan travels the world on a motorbike – Moin Khan travelled half the globe from America to Lahore, Pakistan on his motorbike as part of his campaign called “A different agenda”. He too realized that Pakistan wasn’t presented in the best of ways and wanted to do something to change all that. His story is one to be shared and learned from. He was able to change the minds of many regarding Pakistan and its people, during his 6month trip. He could easily be used as a good will ambassador by our country for the youth across different countries of the world, but then again that would require the Government to give a hoot about its people and the image of the country, which it currently does not.
With so much talent in our country, why does our government not invest in education, vocational training and infrastructure development? We need to fix our problems ourselves and not rely on the so called friendships with other nations. We have all the potential we need to do this, all we need now is for the government to listen and act.