Would the real Adeel Ansari please stand up?

By Adeel Ansari (@Adeel_Ansari)

There are close to 7billion people in the world,  I’m sure like me, most of you have tried to google your name and realized that there are so many out there just like you (at least in terms of a name), but how many have you had the opportunity to peak into the lives of these people without really trying to?
My name is Adeel Ansari and as luck would have it, there are at least four other Adeel Ansari’s out there that I am currently aware of.  
First of how did I even come to the conclusion that there are five of us in total out there? Simple… emails to my inbox.
I’ve realized that I may be the eldest of the total FIVE Adeel Ansaris out there or at least the one with the first opportunity to try my luck at hotmail and gmail. I presume this because apparently I was able to get both a hotmail account and a gmail account that was purely my name without the need for numbers of weird combinations and because of that very fact, the others have had to resort to some other email addresses but unfortunately for them, some of their emails have somehow or the other ended in my inbox, which has given me the assurance that there are five of us out there. Surprisingly enough, none of us live in the same place (except for a brief period where I shared Karachi with another Adeel Ansari) – so let’s start from there

Adeel Ansari – Pakistan wala
This namesake of mine is a software engineer by profession and is an active internet buff. He writes blogs mostly related to his field of interest and on occasion uses his twitter handle to share his opinions. I was first introduced to this gentleman when I tried to get a twitter handle for myself (one area where I realized I was late in joining the online party and hence realized my desired username @adeelansari was taken). I also received an email some time back by some random customer (I’m assuming) who wanted to get in touch with this Adeel Ansari to enquire about their IT firm.

Adeel Ansari – Malaysia wala
At first I thought that this would be one of the Adeel Ansari’s I’ve already heard about but then I realized that this gentleman’s profile is slightly different. Although also into IT and Software Engineering, this namesake has been in Malaysia now for over six years. He has a very impressive resume and from the looks of it, he’s doing quite well. I came across this Adeel Ansari, when I started receiving emails from internet/cable service provider in Malaysia. Apparently Mr. Adeel Malaysia wala has changed his tv/cable/internet package and has given my email address by mistake, which has resulted in me receiving updates on their password changes, their subscriptions on PPV Movies (which were actually very decent action movie choices). Hopefully the matter has now been resolved since I do not receive any password change requests anymore, but I do receive newsletters from his service provider which is quite a pain.

Adeel Ansari – USA wala
This Adeel Ansari has been the most interesting for me, not because of himself particular but more because of his immediate family and friends who refused to believe for the longest of time that I was not the Adeel Ansari they were looking for. They would be marking me on family pictures and sharing them with zeal. I just didn’t know what to do to try and get out of the mailing list. I finally had to send one sweet old lady from this person’s family my picture to convince her I wasn’t the Adeel Ansari they were trying to get in touch with. I do believe that this particular Adeel resides in the State of Texas and his kids go to a Muslim school. I know this because the school regularly sends me parent-teacher reminders, curriculum updates and holiday notices for national and local holidays. I also know that he’s an Engineer looking for work and that some of his interviews have been forwarded to me by mistake. I do hope he’s found a job.

Adeel Ansari – Canada wala
This encounter occurred in directly as well and by way of gmail this time round. Apparently Mr. Adeel Ansari Canada wala helps MBA students find housing and lodging for their studies in Canada. I received an email from one Michelle Scott a couple of days ago letting me that some kid will definitely be making it into the MBA program and that she needed Adeel Ansari’s help in order to arrange for boarding and lodging for that gentleman. So far it seems that the correct Adeel has not been traced by her but I’m sure in a couple of days they’ll be able to get in touch.

Although I’ve never met any of my namesakes, these indirect interactions have made me want to meet up with them somehow, somewhere – perhaps share bits about our lives, talk about how we all got these names, whether we are related in anyway, but for now, I wish them the best in their lives and hope that whatever they do, they do for the betterment of those around them. 

Best Wishes from
Adeel Ansari - UAE Wala

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