Sialkot Atrocity - Please use this as an email to those in power

I got this email from a friend of mine and I think it's the right thing to do. Please copy and email this from your email address as well and make some noise.

Hello everyone

I'm attaching the email addresses for our "public servants". Please email them and express your concerns about the Sialkot incident. I'm also attaching a copy of the email me and some friends sent ourselves. You may cut paste heavily. Do email. Use all your email addresses. We've been complacent and silent for far too long.


Rehman MalikPSO to Minister Mr.Javed Iqbal Raja Room # 405, 4 th Floor, R BlockPak Secretariat Islamabad ( Pakistan ) Tele : 9207544 PSO/sp to Minister Mr. Mohammad Farhan Zahid (psp)Room # 405, 4 th Floor, R BlockPak Secretariat Islamabad ( Pakistan ) Tele : 9202168

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary Supreme Court of Pakistan Constitution Avenue, Islamabad Telephone: 051-9220581-9220600 Fax: 051-9213452

Please add comments to this email if you know of other public figures and their email addresses.



Subject: Sialkot Atrocity

Esteemed public servants,

I will not take much of your time - You must already be inundated with a barrage of similar emails. All I will say is that our country is dying. Not from the floods, or the blasts, or the earthquakes. But from our apathy and indifference. Please don't let this incident slip away unnoticed. We cannot brush this under the carpet the way we've become accustomed to - this piece of dirty laundry needs to be washed thoroughly and publicly.

I ask for justice. For a fair trial to the alleged aggressors. For law and order to try them in a court of law in accordance with the norms of a civilized society. For I fear that if their trial is not expedited, they will fall victim to a violent backlash of vigilante justice similar to the one they imparted. That would mean Muneeb and Mughees died for nothing. Please do not let that happen.

Yours truly,

A concerned citizen and fellow Pakistani

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