Pichal Pairee by Overload – Over the top!

Overload – Over the top
By Jellyman

Rating – 4.5/5

Over the past few years, seeing the talent that is our music industry, I have come to believe that we can and do produce some great music. The latest element to speak of is Overload’s second album titled “Pichal Pairee” (literally translated the backward footed) which basically means “A witch”.

The band has seen a few changes from their initial line up. We no longer have Hasan Mohyuddin in the second album and Pappu Saieen was always a featured artist so no Grand Master Pappu here for the ride.

However, Mahmood is heading the newly inculcated strings section and does a darn good job of managing the riffs and solos across all the songs. I’ve heard Mahmood perform quite a few times with Atif in the past and I never could have imagined how talented he really is. I think Overload is a place where he has really been able to open up and show case his abilities.

Then a pleasant addition to the band is Misha! Known for her modelling career, this girl has a vocal talent that transcends her beauty. The one thing she brings to the band other than her interesting take on vocals is her sense of fashion. Adding a girl in the midst of men just kind of increases the sense of style overall, or at least that’s what has happened here.

Farhad and Sharaz are still going strong and give the band a character not too far fetched from the first time we saw them from their debut album.

Sharaz continues to be the part of the band with little to say but a lot to offer in terms of musical brilliance. I sometimes wonder why he ever thought of teaching a boring subject like accounting when clearly the man is a musician at heart.

Farhad continues to be the one who believes in what he and his band are there to offer the rest of the world. I had at one time questioned Farhad on what he plans to do for his second album and how he plans on making it bigger than the first sensation. He just looked at me and gave his cheeky trademark smile and said “just wait and see”. The first time I heard the song Amjad Khan I knew Farhad and his band of masters had something remarkable to offer. It was just a matter of time then for the rest of the world to hear it.

One thing you’ll enjoy in this album as opposed to the first is how each song provides room for each person from the group to showcase his/her talent. The previous album was truly a percussion led endeavour but this time round Overload comes out with all guns blazing and showcasing the combined synergies of four muscians.

Secondly, the album overall covers many genres and sounds pure and rich from start to end. Some songs even cover fusion like you may not expect. For instance Vichar Gaye starts off as a tribute to Punjabi folk and heads into a touch of rock then goes into a soft ballad phase ending in an ambient mix of east and west. Dhol Bajay Ga, on the other hand, from start to end is an anthem of energy and resolve – “bijli aye ya na aye, hamara dhol bhajay ga” (whether there is electricity or not, our dhool (drums) will continue to beat).

The song 50 years offers some great moments amplified through Sharaz’s vibrant keyboarding skills and the mixing and soft percussions by Farhad. I enjoyed this song for the softness it had throughout and then the high note ending.

The one song I didn’t seem to understand was Mela Kariyay – based on the music of their first hit Cursed, with slight variations and the addition of vocals by Misha, it’s not a song that really adds much to the album.

Overall, I know for a fact that fans of Overload are going to be ecstatic about this album, mainly because it’s available for free download from the band’s website www.overloadbeats.com. Admirers of music will appreciate the quality of the sound and dance to the beats and trust me there are a number of different beats to this album. You’ll love the amalgamation of sound, the variation from one song to the other and the touch of rock, ballad, folk, fusion and ambient rhythms throughout the album. What you may not like is how quickly the album finishes.

Download the album for free at www.overloadbeats.com (Bless the band for allowing us to experience their music for free).
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